Toyota Hiace Commuter 2013 Price in Pakistan




Toyota Hiace Commuter 2013


Toyota Hiace is the Japanese made vehicle and very popular in Pakistan.Toyota Hiace Commuter mostly used in Pakistan as commercial purpose as well as ambulance, carry and loader.

2013 Toyota Hiace Commuter is the sophisticated and tough vehicle for Pakistani roads.


  • Four Doors
  • Exterior rear view mirrors
  • Transmissions: Automatic and Manual
  • Diesel Engine
  • Power Window
  • Four Cylinder Engine

2013 Toyota Hiace Commuter Price in Pakistan:

  • Diesel Rs. 3,399,000
  • A/C 3.0L Diesel Rs. 3,799,000
  • High Roof A/C 3.0L Diesel Rs. 4,399,000


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