Leg Cramps Treatment: Relieve Painful Leg Pain with Natural Home Remedy

Leg Cramps: Relieve Painful Leg Pain with Natural Home Remedy


At night, when you are sleeping, you may suddenly experience severe pain in your legs and calves. The muscles and tendons in your legs ache due to cramps and contractions, which can make the patient restless. Many people experience this pain nowadays and there are many reasons behind this. Leg cramps can cause restless nights and make it difficult to sleep. They can also occur during the day. This also makes it difficult to walk. Before talking about the causes of leg cramps here is the natural home remedy for this disease.

Leg Cramps Treatment: Take equal amounts of fenugreek seeds and flax seeds and roast them lightly. Be careful not to burn them. After roasting them lightly, grind them finely. Add ground licorice (available from a herbalist) to the same amount of fenugreek seeds and flax seeds and store it.

Leg Cramps Treatment with Home Remedy (Urdu)

Take one teaspoon of this mixture daily with a cup of milk in the morning on an empty stomach. This home remedy is beneficial for leg cramps and restlessness as well as relieving pain caused by muscle or bone weakness.

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What Causes These Leg Cramps?

There are many causes of leg cramps. These cramps can occur at any age and at any time of day or night. Here are some possible reasons behind them.

Work Load:

It can be caused by excessive work. In addition, blood clots in the veins can cause a disruption in blood circulation, which can cause this type of pain. People who sit with their feet dangling on a chair all day have swollen legs.

Long Hours Standing:

Many people have a job that requires them to stand in one place all day, which causes their feet to swell. Swelling occurs in the legs and calves, and pain starts. Such people start to feel cramps and tightness in their legs when they lie on the bed at night.


If you drink less water, toxic toxins start to accumulate in your body, especially in the kidneys. Drinking less water causes uric acid crystals to accumulate in your kidneys, and the excess amount of uric acid accumulates in your feet and legs, causing pain and swelling.

Junk Food:

Similarly, the use of unhealthy foods eating junk foods, excessive consumption of sweets, and frequent drinking of cold drinks cause an increase in toxins and fat in your body. Which are the cause of pain in the legs and calves in addition to the body’s joints. Therefore, the use of such foods should be discontinued.

Vitamin Deficiencies:

If there is a deficiency of vitamins in your diet, if the body does not get an adequate amount of vitamin B complex and vitamin D, it causes weakness in the muscles and tendons and causes pain. You can take vitamin B complex tablets from a medical store. Like Neurobion 10 tablets will cost Rs 120. Eat one leaf.

Weight Gain:

Similarly, people who gain a lot of weight have to bear more weight on their feet and legs, which causes swelling in the legs.


  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods.
  • Get regular exercise.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Eat a healthy diet.

Tips to Relieve Leg Cramps:

  • Massage your legs with a warm compress.
  • Stretch your legs regularly.
  • Take a warm bath before bed.
  • Drink chamomile tea before bed.

If you are experiencing pain in your legs or calves despite using this remedy then you should go to the hospital and do a proper checkup by an experienced doctor.