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Comparison Between New Cars and Imported Used Cars

Difference Between New Cars and Imported Used Cars

The Difference/Comparison Between Locally Made Brand New Cars by Toyota, Honda, Suzuki & Imported Japanese Cars in Pakistan. Are Imported vehicles better than locally Cars??

Toyota Tests Wireless Charging for Electric Cars

Tokyo: Japanese Motor Car Maker Toyota has started field trials with a wireless charging system that allows electric cars to replenish their batteries without needing a point of contact.

Toyota Fielder 2013 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Pictures

Toyota Fielder 2007 Price in Pakistan. Toyota Fielder was launched in 1996 by Toyota Japan Company, and it became very popular soon enough. Till 42 million units were sold out in global markets

Car Sales Drop 32% in Third Quarter

KARACHI: Sales of local cars dropped 32% to 39,938 units in the first four months of the current fiscal year 2012-13 compared to 58,801 units in the same period last year, as a host of reasons influenced the market.

Latest New Car Prices in Pakistan