2014 Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan & New Features

2014 Toyota Corolla in Blue Color

The 2014 Corolla is not just a pretty face. Let our inner beauty win you over. Premium interior refinements to keep you feeling as good as you look. Strong, modern styling—a head turner.

Descending from the ceiling, the star of the night finally arrives. For 2014, the popular compact sedan gets expressive new styling inspired by the Corolla Furia Concept that Toyota unveiled at the Detroit auto show in January. And some of what lies beneath the flashy body is also impressively different.

2014 Toyota Corolla Features:


New Dark Grey upper interior with wood grain finish.

Navigation System

iPod Direct In-dash DVD Player with built-in Blue Tooth & Navigation

Power Steering

Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering

6 Speed Manual Transmission

For drivers who like the responsive feel and hands-on control of a manual gear shift, the Corolla Hatch is fitted with a proven 6-Speed Manual transmission system. The gear ratios are set to give you the power when you need it with ample mid-range acceleration and excellent fuel economy when you’re cruising on the highway.

Shift Lever:
The design, touch to the hand, and ease of use of the shift lever were all carefully considered to give an excellent operational feel. The gate shifter allows smoother changing of gears while preventing missed shifts.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Gate Type Gear Shift with Super ECT

Available in 1.6L Altis Cruisetronic & 1.6L GLI


Monitors driving style to help reduce fuel consumption. The indication light turns on when driving in the economy zone.


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock ups when braking on hard or slippery surfaces.

2014 Toyota Corolla 2

2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla 1

Price in Pakistan:

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Altis M/T 1.6 PKR. 1,949,000/-
Altis M/T 1.6 Sunroof PKR. 2,049,000/-
Altis A/T 1.6 PKR. 2,049,000/-
Altis A/T 1.6 Sunroof PKR. 2,139,000/-
Corolla 2.OD PKR. 1,871,000/-
Altis Sportivo M/T PKR. 2,076,000/-
Altis Sportivo A/T PKR. 2,177,000/-
* The prices are suggested Retail Prices, ex-factory Karachi, per unit inclusive of 17% Sales Tax.

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2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla Interior

2014 Toyota Corolla Front


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62 Comments on “2014 Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan & New Features”

  1. I heard that there’ll be no xli,gli and altis in ’14 corolla.. they are making classes in the new corolla just like mercedes like a-class,c-class etc etc

  2. I like Toyota Corolla 2014 as Com pair Honda.New Toyota Corolla Shape is Out Class
    I was in wait when New Shape Lunch then i will purchase
    i Must say that is a Super Car. BUMBAAAAAAAS

  3. the people who are saying there gonna buy this car in comments dont even have money to buy a motorcycle 😀

  4. plz plz tell me when gli toyota model change and whats price in 2o14
    i urgntly buy in jan.2o14 inshaallah
    gli limmited addtion and in gli limited adDtion what price in jan 2o14

  5. I like GLI 2014,it is very nice and i want to get it but not available in pakistan.let me confirm when it will be available for purchasing

  6. I Like Toyota Corolla Gli ,It is Very Nice Body and Colors and i want to get in coming son in New Model in Pakistan. let me confirm when it will be available for Purchasing i so happy…
    ———————— I Love Pakistan and I Love Sindh and Sindhi Peoples———————————-

  7. The Interior doesn’t look much catchy. Whereas ECO tech is the requirement now a days However new corolla does not say anything about rear camera and multimedia steering

  8. i am surprise that toyata pakistan is still classifing GLI,XLI and ATLAS.and giving basic safety of ABS they increased the price approx one lac. toyota pakistan must come as per internation standard instead of looting poor nation

  9. hi i wanna ask quick question,i am in Spain and i buy many time Toyota cars and also pay almost same amount or less that i pay in Pakistan, but here i receive full safety equipment sound proof and a lots more,why not happened in Pakistan we are paying more and far less quality NOT even airbag in GLI model Ni in XLI model,what we need to do to have good car in same price,o we need to rid of or bycut to TOYOTA


    1. Hi, it is depend on company to sort out that where is problem in system? why are not providing to the customer all accessories of car please. company must be take action against those persons which are making problems for customer and for company repute.

  10. i think toyota corolla gli or xli old shape 2002 to 2008 is the best in toyota corolla all model this shape is strong body or engin

  11. Ban toyta cars There Is no safety in it breaks body every thing weaker i escape luckly in accident toyta Is third class cars Honda Is best

  12. Plz inform me when the price list of this car is going to released and plx inform me at this number 03044747426

  13. I am surprise that why in toyota corolla xli there is no POWER MIRROR no ABS braking system
    no AIRBAG this is for people saifaty and the price of xli is so high with this empty body no with this all things.please adjust all this things in corolla xli.

  14. i have already Toyota corolla GLI but i exchange new model,
    Please intimate correct date of launching this beauty,
    and please sent new model price list.

  15. once i had corolla Gli n the day i bought it ,i was cursing myself….i felt like sitting on the back of donkey n controlling a body of truck…n now again new shape is a huge one n ours roads r getting smaller n congested…r the corolla guys r nuts ,they think v have motor ways everywhere in pak….plus no safety …..v sad n v bad…prices r rising but quality falling……..no to pak cars….

  16. IT IS OUTCLASS……………..
    IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL………………………..
    I LIKE IT VERY MUCH……………………………………….
    I WILL PURCHASE IT………………………………………………………
    WHEN THE MODEL IS ARRIVED…………………………………………………

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