DLIMS Punjab E Driving License Download on Mobile

DLIMS Punjab E Driving License Download on Mobile

Here is the E Driving License Download Copy Example on Your Mobile

Punjab Traffic Police launched the online e-driving license app. This new system allows the residents of Punjab to download the soft copy of their driving license on their mobile phones using the internet. Punjab police took this step to eliminate the excuse by citizens who forget to bring their driving license.

Apply Online Learner Driving License Punjab (New Updated)

How to download the E-driving license on mobile?

Step 1:

Go to the official website of the DLIMS Punjab

Step 2:

Enter the CNIC number without dashes

Step 3

Enter your date of birth

Step 4

Tick the captcha and hit the VARIFY button. You are DONE.

Download DLIMS Punjab E Driving License Step by Step Guide Picture

Here, you will find a soft copy of your driving license. You can download it on your mobile phone when any traffic warden asks you to show your driving license. That’s it!

E License Features:

Pakistan’s first e-license system is operational across Punjab. The e-License is a brand-new feature in the PITB developed ‘Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS)’ that makes the whole process much simpler. It means less paperwork and fewer headaches for you.

This is especially handy if you’ve lost your physical license or are still waiting for your new one to arrive. And if you ever get a traffic Challan, you can just show your e-License to the traffic police for verification. Easy, right? Here is the list of features have a look.

  1. Easily generated with one click
  2. QR code – easy verification
  3. Downloadable
  4. Works offline
  5. Unique card design
  6. Enhanced security features
  7. A step towards paperless processes

Here is the official launch statement by the Punjab IT Board. PITB and Punjab Traffic Police have hailed this facility as a digital landmark in the digital era of Punjab.


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