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Honda motors increased the Prices of the New Model Honda City 2022, In this article, We have updated the latest Honda City Price In Pakistan 2022, after the increase of prices in March 2022.

Honda City 2022 Price in Pakistan 1300cc Automatic:

Honda City Models PRICE
Honda City 1.2L M/T

1199 cc, Manual, Petrol

PKR 3,264,000
Honda City 1.2L CVT

1199 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 3,389,000
Honda City 1.5L CVT –

1497 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 3,589,000
Honda City 1.5L ASP M/T

1497 cc, Manual, Petrol

PKR 3,729,000
Honda City 1.5L ASP CVT

1497 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 3,899,000

Honda has been launched its New Automatic Honda City 2022 Model in Pakistan. Many auto lovers are excited about the latest launch. So let us have a look at what this automotive is about to bring to the market.

Honda has been manufacturing one of the most wanted cars. In order to stand out among the competitors, they use the latest technology. This is the reason that they have been launching new vehicles with innovations that might not have yet been introduced by the rivals.


Performance and Safety

It has an I-VTEC capable engine with a 5-speed transmission framework. For the generation of high increasing speed, it is furnished with drive by wire suspension framework for the control of the auto to give you an agreeable ride. The city is exceedingly fuel-efficient and gives you a mileage of 12 KM/L.

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Honda City Car is a business and family auto since it is made with safety features that will guarantee an unharmed ride even on uneven streets and will shield you from sudden accidents. It has the most recent ABS and the brake help framework for your insurance. It likewise has

  1. Control technology with G-Force
  2. The pedestrian injury reduction system
  3. Front ELR 3 point seat belts

Hence, it can be viewed as a secure vehicle to drive.

Honda City 2022 Interior

It will give an outstanding presence on the road because of the chic and stylish look. the angular grille and the trapezium style headlights give it one of a kind look. In order to enhance the luxurious appeal apart from the rear lights, it also has rear reflectors. The front and the rear bumper have a chrome sleek grille.

You can have a fascinating view with the sunroof. In order to make the vehicle safe to drive during fog, it has special fog lights.


Honda City Interior

Honda City has a classy interior with a lavish dashboard and an infotainment framework. It has a seating limit with regards to five people and large legroom for an agreeable ride. It has a capacity and instrument groups for you to keep your stuff in it.


The city has the proper interior with

  1. Power windows
  2. Locked entryways
  3. Trip PC
  4. Tachometer
  5. Stereo framework
  6. Elegant speedometer


2017 Honda City Car has been manufactured with the following specifications:

  1. Kerb’s weight is 1155 kg
  2. It has a compression ratio of 10.5:1
  3. The fuel type has petrol
  4. The steering type is rack and pinion
  5. It has a manual transmission

Salient Features

You will come across the following amazing features in Honda City 2017:

  1. The steering is adjustable
  2. Anti-lock braking system
  3. Displacement is 1300 cc
  4. The fuel tank capacity is 40 liters
  5. City has a ground clearance of 160 mm
  6. The wheels are of steel

Honda City 2022 Review

It has a comfortable and beautiful interior that has been combined with high-quality performance. It is about providing a luxurious and safe driving experience to the passengers. With its remarkable style, it is the best companion on the roads.

Bottom Line

So make sure that you invest in this driving sensation as most of the people are booking it even before the launch. Honda City is a vehicle to drive on all types of roads in Pakistan.


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  2. Colored seats with dark/black dashboard and half dark/black doors, this is pathetic.
    I don’t know why Honda don’t learn about the color theme throughout the cabin?
    They made almost similar mistake in current City till 2011, after that they changed the cabin color according to the seats and the sales increased

  3. Now dont try to mor fool crazy honda lovers , launch it , in india ,philipines ,malyasia,thailand and also in other countries this city sell since one year, why our country is back in each and every thing just like thisslittle matter for new city 2017,every man looking crazy.Uff Oh my God! Again i request Honda company please launch it in pakistan because pakistani people are too crazy in this matter new car.

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