MG 3 800cc Car Price and Launch Date In Pakistan 2023


MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2022/2023

The MG 3 800cc Car Price is expected to be PKR 2,000,000 to PKR 2,500,000



The MG 3 is a fascinating car to the automotive industry because of its price and specifications. However, a few years ago, we heard that MG was going to launch the MG 3 hatchback in Pakistan. According to recent research, the MG 3 launch date in Pakistan is expected at the end of 2022 or maybe at the start of 2023, and most individuals are confused about MG 3 price in Pakistan in 2023. The company has announced that they will deliver those cars to Pakistan as soon as possible, and Javed Afridi, the owner of the Peshawar Zalmi team, will manage these vehicles. The expected MG 3 price in Pakistan in 2023 is around PKR 2M to PKR 2.5 Million.

MG 3 800cc Car Price and Launch Date In Pakistan

MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2023

MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2023


MG 3 800cc Price in Pakistan 2023?

In Pakistan, the MG 3 800cc Price is expected to be PKR 2,000,000 to PKR 2,500,000

Mg 3 Launch Date In Pakistan

The launch date of mg 3 in Pakistan is expected at the end of 2022 or maybe at the start of 2023.

What Is The MG 3 Fuel Average?

The fuel average of MG 3 is about 14/km to 16/km per liter, but it depends on the road situation.

MG 3 Overview and Features

If you are looking for a luxurious car at a low price, the MG 3 car is the best option. However, it has a Spacious interior, smooth driving experience, Comfortable seats, and good visibility of the front and sides. The MG 3 comes with an 800cc engine, 6 Airbags, Four speakers heavy sound system with USB/AUx and BlueTooth connectivity, an electronic stability program system, and a dynamic reverse camera. This car is impressive because it offers luxurious features in a low price range.

Mg 3 Launch Date In Pakistan and Price

MG 3 Specification

The MG3 overall exterior dimension is 4055 mm in length X 1729 mm in width X 1504 mm in height, and the Wheelbase is 2520 mm X with 1505mm X 1493mm of Front and Rear track. It has an 800 cc four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission type. This is a front-drive car with five doors and five seats.

However, in this luxurious car, you may get enough head and legroom for a long journey; otherwise, you can fold the rear seats of this vehicle in a 60/40 configuration. In the interior, you will get AC, electric front or back power windows, a remote locking system, 12v socket power, and a remote fuel flap.

This car has spacious specifications for safety like ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System), EBA(Emergency Brake Assist) and EBD(Brakeforce Distribution ), 6 Airbags, Front and Rear seatbelts, and Electronic Stability Programme. Its torque and Maximum power are 106 X 101.

mg 3 interior
MG 3 Interior

MG 3 Variants and Upcoming MG Cars

In the Pakistani market, this car will come with two different variants with the same engine. The significant difference between them is that one variant comes with manual gear transmission and the other one with automatic gear transmission. On the other hand, MG is also launching 3 to 5 new car models in Pakistan at the end of this year(2022).

MG 3 Reviews

MG 3 Colors

This car comes with different color variants globally. Worldwide it has several colors like white, black, yellow, blue, gray, etc. According to recent research, this car may come in two colors (white and black) in the Pakistani market.
MG 3 Fuel Average

It is an 800 cc car with a hybrid engine. The Fuel average of this car is 14/km to 16/km per liter, and the fuel tank’s capacity is about 45 liters. This car has an adorable look and design to provide more fun and joy for a long journey. The petrol average of a vehicle depends on the road, such as whether you are driving it on the highway or off-roading.


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