New Honda City 2015 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features

New Honda City 2015 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features

Honda City is the most favorite Sedan Car in Pakistan. Mostly elite class and modern people of Pakistan likes to buy this beautiful Car. Especially Honda City new shape and dashboard is more attractive and stylish.


Honda City 2015
Pics: Honda City 2015

New Model of Honda City Car 2015 is now being introduced i Pakistan in the month of October. City lovers gets read to have this beautiful car with facelift. Sources confirmed that the Latest 2015 Honda City Model car will be launched in the end of October by Atlas Honda Pakistan.

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Honda City New Look
Honda City New Look

Honda City 2015 Interior

Honda City 2015 interior is most beautiful and luxury. Designers makes a beautiful and stylish dashboard and seats. City is the most favorite and luxury sedan car in Pakistan. Mostly elite and modern peoples likes to have this awesome car. Its have leather beautiful seats. a noise free engine, Airbags, Alloy Rims, Power Windows Auto and Manual Transmission as well.

Honda City Interior

Current Honda City Generation:

After a series of conservative redesigns, Honda positively went nuts with the eighth-generation Civic. The compact hood and radically raked windshield gave both sedan and coupe models a spaceshiplike appearance, and this theme continued inside, where drivers were treated to one of the funkiest dashboard designs this side of George Jetson’s personal conveyance.


The car will be the same as the Indian Honda City except sun-roof and cruise-control, while sun roof is good but cruise-control is highly irrelevant especially for the sort of driving in Sindh, whether on highways or urban environment. There’s very little use of it.



Honda City Price in Pakistan

Following is the 2015 Model Honda City Price in Pakistan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Sialkot Pakistan. These are the Honda City prices of i v tec manual transmission, i v tec prosmatic transmission, vti oriel manual transmissions.

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Honda City i-VTEC PKR 1,508,000
Honda City Aspire 1.3 i-VTEC PKR 1,638,000
Honda City i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,649,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,658,000
Honda City Aspire 1.3 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,780,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,800,000
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33 Comments on “New Honda City 2015 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features”

  1. nice, beautiful and excellent car. I like it and wants to purchase this car… I will purchase this car very soon. Inshallah

  2. I need a Honda city 2012 or 2013 around the range of 13 to 14 lacs but its essential that the car is of islamabad number and not accidented or used roughly my mob number is 03005529297 and name is Shuja Naveed

  3. The site seem to have no credibility price and pics posted above are of Honda Civic not honda city which is due in 2015.

  4. i want to sail my honda city model number 2013 if some one want to buy my car plz conect me 03002654965.03074302048.

    1. I am interested but pl answer following questions.
      1. How the condition of car?
      2, What is colour.
      3. Finally what is asking price.

      1. I want to sale my Honda City IDSI Model 2006 white Color . Allyar Rim Power Full Sound System . And Faster Car

  5. i need a lush and beauitifull car.I want this car for only my wife and i can pay only in the range 20 to 30 lacs. so if u have this so call please on 03330608396

    1. Get a Hilux Pick up, it has good powerful stick shift biches love to ride part time and like wise it can also be Commercially used. Happy Pemping. :p

  6. I need Honda city car model 2015 New car Don’t used My mob number is 03326464530 And Name is Ali Abbas –

  7. i am confused about Honda city and toyota vitz… which 1 should be purchased as my first concern is mileage????
    may u people kindly share ur experience

    1. Kami there is huge difference between mileage and performance of vitz and city. City is much more better than vitz. Mileage of vitz is abt 10 km/litre. City abt 15-18km/litre. I have both cars. Never ever buy vitz if u can buy city

  8. I am using Honda City since last 7 years which I purchased from I / 9 Honda dealership ,its really smooth comfortable & cheap in fuel consumption as compare to other vehicles of its class .

  9. Good modal but it is out of range ……….. .I request to Honda Pakistan to bring new modal in range of 10 to 11Lakh of 1000CC thanks. Umar Lahore 03247777122…….

  10. I am using Honda City since last 7 years which I purchased from I / 9 Honda dealership ,its really smooth comfortable & cheap in fuel consumption as compare to other vehicles of its class

  11. My max range is 20 lak, im thinking to get either Toyota Altis 1.6L auto or civic Oriel prosmatec 2013/14, certainly im more inclined towards civic for lot many reasons ………..but im concerned about mileage of honda civic within city and highway. Can anyone user of civic comment on my querry??? and also suggest which one i should go for ?????
    looking for comments pls

    1. New honda civic 2017
      is launched and is priced at 23 lakh I recommend you that it is many more features than older civic like cruise control push start etc

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