New Toyota Fortuner 2017 Price in Pakistan and Video

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Price in Pakistan

A grand look, exhibiting an attitude to take on extreme challenges of today and tomorrow. Driven forward with power and purpose, your all-new Toyota Fortuner 2017 is a statement of the class you’ve earned.


To enhance the interior mood, leather upholstery on the seats, arm rests and door panels provides a luxurious effect where color accent stitching exudes finishing with elegance. The all-new Fortuner comes with wood grain pattern provide a lasting hint of authenticity that completes the progressive overlook.


Power speaks with every angle in a manner that is beyond comparison. Tough, futuristic and distinctive, the all-new Fortuner is easily marked as the most remarkable of its kind.

Modern yet staunch in its presence, the rear view offers a classy impression with emphasis on a simplistic approach while cleanliness and a bold representation of its name creates a sleek identity.


A performance inspired engine that contributes to your journey’s peace, allowing an atmosphere of exclusive luxury to envelop the rider and permitting you to travel with calmness as the all-new Fortuner takes you to your destination.


With an impressively formidable framework and expanded interior space, the structural strength is unmatched. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the underbody coverage also prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating.

Toyota FORTUNER 2017 Price in Pakistan

FORTUNER AT PKR. 5,249,000/-

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