Nissan Datsun Go 2014 Price in India, Pictures & Specs




Tokyo: Japanese auto maker Nissan has announced the global relaunch of its Datsun brand with the unveiling of hatchback ‘Datsun Go‘, which will be priced less than Rs 4 lac in India.

DAT-GO will be targeting the first-time car buyers and the impressive feat is, the entire car was developed in India and Japan only contributed the critical R&D support with the local Indian team.

The car will be sold in India for less than 400,000 rupees from next year and will be manufactured at Nissan and partner Renault SA’ 400,000-cars-per-year plant outside Chennai, southern India.

“The price could go even lower (than the price of the Go),” Mann said, declining to elaborate.

Price in India:

Less than 4 Lakh







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