Toyota Prius 2015 Price in Pakistan, Specs Hybrid Car Pictures

Toyota Prius 2015 Price in Pakistan, Specifications Hybrid Car Pictures

Toyota Prius 2015 Picture Battery

Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation the world s largest automobile manufacturer by production has recently emerged with the latest model of the Toyota Prius Hybrid for the year 2015.

Interior with Technology and Comfort Redefined

So far as comfort and technological accomplishments in the interior are concerned, you will find them thoroughly redefined. Owing to all these awesome features, the driving doesn’t just remain an activity it becomes an ever enjoyable and pleasing experience in this new hybrid model of Toyota Prius 2015.

Toyota Prius 2015 Interior
Toyota Prius 2015 Interior

Starting from comfort to safety and convenience, it has everything that you might have ever dream of. An extreme level of luxury, utility and sophistication emanates from its brilliant features, like Multi Information Display, Driving Status, Electronic Shift Level, 8-Speaker Audio System, Smart Entry & Push Start System, Cruise Control, Heads-up Display, Power Seats and, above all, Auto Air Conditioning.

Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology

The evolving Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) technology serves to optimize the operation of a highly powerful and fuel efficient vehicle. Such an accomplishment not only ensures smooth and responsive driving performance, but also reduces the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Powerful and Fuel Efficient Engine

Higher fuel consumption not only proves to be an extra, undue burden on your limited financial resources, but also deteriorates the health and serenity of your natural environment. It is because the increased gasoline consumption leads to corresponding increase in the exhaust emissions to pollute the environment.

Toyota Prius 2015

In Prius, significant decrease in gasoline consumption is brought about by various advanced technologies assisting the 1.8L 2ZR engine, namely, Cooled EGR System, Atkinson Cycle, Electric Water Pump and in-take type VVT-I (Variable Valve Timing Intelligent).

Toyota Prius Features

  • Smart entry and push start systems
  • Only driver and front passenger seats
  • Fin type spoiler, rear combination lamps and rear window wiper
  • Excellent aerodynamic performance
  • Retractable side view mirrors with side turn single lamps
  • 15″ aluminium wheel cap alloy wheel
  • Comfort that defines every journey
  • Choose between 3 driving modes
  • EPS-VSC integrated control system
  • Prevents engine from running

Toyota Prius 2015 Price in Pakistan

Rs. 4,399,000


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