Toyota XLi 2016 Price in Pakistan New Model Specs and Pics

New Model Toyota Corolla XLi 2016 Price in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi. Toyota XLi New Pictures, Specifications, Features and Review.

Toyota XLi 2016 Picture New Model Price

Toyota Xli VVTi New Model

It is really important to mention here that Toyota Corolla has been in production since more than a decade. Toyota Xli VVTi, Toyota Corolla Gli and Toyota Altis are one of those models which are being used both for domestic and commercial purposes. In U.A.E this car has been employed for Police and Highway purposes whereas in Pakistan the main usage of this Car is as a family one.

Some might disagree but it is a true fact that Xli is the initial model of its product line. Currently it is being produced in different variants but overall the shape is same. The drastic change in the shape was in 2008 and then in 2015. Previously the shape was in the market from 2001 to 2008. In context of Pakistani Market this car is considered to be one of the successful one.

Toyota Xli 2016 in Pakistan

Toyota Xli comes with a sporty look with a good clearance. The most amazing fact is that this car can resist bumpy roads and uneven surface. Most of the cars in this category may have some issues while driving in village. Another important thing about this car is the economy it carries with itself. Apart from providing luxury with comfortable seats and integrated suspension, its fuel consumption is low which is best feature for Pakistani people.


Toyota Xli VVTi Interior

It is the car categorized as SEDAN and have four doors. The spacious Xli has got the capacity to accommodate five persons. There are two arm rests in this model on the front seats. Similarly the car has got a complete media player option and one can just turn on the songs through AUX cable.


The sleek crystal tail lights make the car more awesome on road. It is one of the latest designs and also the unique one. You can add the alloy rims depending on the requirements. The rear bumper is big and give a complete sporty look. There are different colors being offered in this model of Toyota. The front head light is totally different with a silver lining on AC grill.



There are different added features in the car. Although it does not contain Air Bags but its design is to control injury. The probability of injury is decreased through this latest design. There Anti-Locking Braking system makes it more competitive. If you intend to do long drive on this car then it is one of the best option.

Toyota XLi 2016 Price in Pakistan

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Toyota Corolla XLi VVTi PKR 1,624,000

The cost of this car is about 1.75 Million Pakistani Rupees after including all the taxes. In comparison with other cars this is one of the best option in this price. Critics are of the view that in comparison with Japanese reconditioned cars it is not a good option. But one thing we should understand is that it is one of the brand new car. One can easily use this for family transport purpose because it has a very powerful Air conditioning system. Similarly its comfortable seats will never let the passengers feel tired.


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  1. Toyota corolla 2016 how much you sell what is a Price for this car and a whole much is the booking price can you send me the both Price thanks

  2. as salam o alikum Can u send me email when the cone new modil crolla xli or gli i want to bokking a car thanks plz reply me i am wating ur mail Allah haffiz

  3. Xli 2015 or 2016 my kya defrence hy and please give me the new xli 2016 modle show room all chargees detail and time period plz

  4. please gli or xli price send me modal 2016
    or bank se lesr par gadi lan to kitne din lagte han show room se coutomar hend oer karne ma

  5. Toyota corolla 2016 how much you sell what is a Price for this car and a whole much is the booking price can you send me the both Price thanks

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  7. Toyota Comp. is not competant for supply of car even pay in advance. In other countries a new car will be fully loaded ,
    but here in Pakistan for any facilites you will have to pay extra,such as approx. Rs:100,000/- for autmatic,Rs;50,000.-for crohme Rims,50,000/-for sun roof, 25,000/-for power window etc even mud flasher will be provided for Extra payment
    The rate difference of XLi and GLi is Rs:125,000/- Where the GLi have only power window and for other colour Extra payment should to be made.
    I proposed that the Toyota Company may plz. provided at least these basic needful for all models i,e ,Remot Key,power widow, color option and Automatic.
    These basic facilites will attracts more custommers and many people would avoid to purchase a used car.

  8. I want too no what’s price odd toyota corolla 2015 and 2016 price Inn pakistan and plz send me soon off black colour car prices and I want too by ess possible son thanks

  9. Its all about good but give us colour option do not charge the extra money for this its most of the people avoid to buy about this reason…


  11. Bade Experience still Toyota Pakistan does not meet international standard there is no air bags in the car there are manual windows, even there are only two colors option in xli which is totally ridiculous that’s why Japanese cars are more demanded in the Pakistan.
    Please improve the quality these are basic option in the car power windows, air bags, transmission options still you are looting the people grow up please.

    1. dear today price is 1920000 dear sister when you bay a car plz come in sulman show room you concat me dear iam thear working i am just power mane and bose also dump me plz sister tak care may jobe

  12. XLi is the least costly model of Corolla that still costs a lot without offering much. Honda City on the other hand costs only 1508000/- and is fully like loaded. I mean a car with price tag of 1624000/- without even power windows like Corolla XLi is a shame. In Honda City on the other hand you get power windows, power mirrors etc which are not there in Cirolla XLi. So buying an XLi is a total waste of money. Secondly workmanship of Honda is much better than Toyota which you realise if you are keeping both these cars.

  13. xli 2016april tk maim awr xli may 2016 anai wali he us main farq kaya he price/shape……………?

  14. Please inform me about new model 2016 of Gli and xli with their price specification. I realy gratitude for this kindness….

  15. I want to conform that is Xli-Vvti has power door lock and power window?
    Is anyone here with 100% confirmation. ?

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