2015 FAW X-PV, FAW Sirius S80, FAW V2 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Pics

Latest Price list of 2015 FAW X-PV, FAW Sirius S80, FAW V2, FAW SIRIUS GRAND, FAW CARRIER Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Features and Pictures.


About FAW Pakistan

AL-HAJ FAW Motors is an Exclusive Distributor and Assemblers of Heavy Duty Trucks and Light Vehicles in Pakistan. Al-Haj FAW Motors (AHFM) was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in October 2006 and is the sole distributor and progressive manufacturer / assembler of FAW heavy commercial vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles and Passenger cars in Pakistan.

FAW Company Vision:

Our vision is to introduce and capture significant share of the local automotive market by providing quality Chinese vehicles to the customer with full back up support through nationwide 3S dealer network. Our focus is to change people’s mindset about Chinese automobile in Pakistani Market by providing them quality, durability, after sales support, hence giving them the best value against their money.

FAW V2 Specifications and Features

The FAW V2 was launched in November 2014 by the Al-Haj FAW Motors (Joint Pak-China venture). The V2 is a compact hatchback, and is based on the 1st generation Toyota Vitz.



On the outside, the FAW V2 is one of the most stylish hatchbacks in our local market. The curves and the balance between the body work is just about right.


Inside the V2, The two-tone silver and gray interior of the car is moulded out of average quality plastic. The interior fittings are not perfect and there are flaws, but still, it is a good attempt at introducing something different than the market.


Pearl Black,  Metallic Red, Full Moon Silver, Sunshine Gold and Diamond White


  1. Engine: 1298cc DOHC 16-Valve which produces 91HP
  2. Gearbox: 5-Speed MT
  3. Seating Capacity: 5
  4. Steering: Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Additionally, it is fully loaded and includes an air conditioner, power windows, central locking, and power steering. It also features fog lights to reduce the risk of any accidents. It is in mint condition and has very good fuel consumption

Furthermore, FAW is a Chinese company, which is known for designing automobiles having Eco-friendliness, safety and functionality in their design.

2015 FAW X-PV, FAW Sirius S80, FAW V2 Price in Pakistan

FAW X-PV, FAW Sirius S80, FAW V2 Price in Pakistan


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5 Comments on “2015 FAW X-PV, FAW Sirius S80, FAW V2 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Pics”

  1. i like V2 1300cc, the price is reasonable in pak in this capacity, but what about the spare part, secondly cherry launched by chiana and then stop sudden so big loss for purchaser of cheryy, if it happen with FA then again loss

  2. I have brought xpv2015 till first day getting problem in it
    And now it couldn’t start have gone to faw work shop here in quetta they have on attitude
    It s 8th day until they dont konw abt the problem
    So be careful every on if any af u want to know abt theree services just contact me 03337822080 dr ameet kumar quetta they r not giving any servservices after purchasing

  3. I have 2015 xpv till first day getting problem in it
    Now it can’t start even its 8th day in there work shop here in quetta but ther machine dosenot know abt it
    No service just be awair to parches faw
    Any one want to contact me 03337822080 dr ameet kumar

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