Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023, 640 Ghazi 75 HP Specs

The Fiat Tractor Price in Pakistan today starts at 1,799,000 rupees. Fiat 480 tractor price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 1,800,000. New Holland Al Ghazi offers four models of Fiat tractors in Pakistan, which are the 55 HP 480 power plus, 65 HP Ghazi, 75 HP 640, and Dabung 85 HP tractor. Continue reading if you want to know the new price list of Ghazi tractors, their specs, engine power, features, resale value, diesel fuel average, and storage capacity.

Fiat Tractor Price in Pakistan New rate list

Fiat Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of a Fiat tractor depends on its model, specifications, and features. First, we will talk about the difference between Al Ghazi New Holland and Fiat tractors. Second, we will discuss the differences between the Fiat 480 HP 55 and Fiat 640 HP 75 tractor models.

Difference Between Fiat Tractor Vs Al Ghazi Tractor?

Many people ask about the difference between these two tractors. The answer is that Al Ghazi and Fiat tractors are from the same company. The company’s name is Al Ghazi New Holland, and the Fiat 480 Tractor and Fiat 640 tractor are products of this company. We hope you find the answer.

Millat Tractors Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor PRICE in Pakistan 2023

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What Is the Difference Between Fiat 480 and Fiat 640?

Following is the major difference between these two tractors.

Ghazi Fiat 480 Horse Power Tractor Features:

New Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

It has 3 cylinders

55 HP (Horse Power)

Disk brakes

Its fuel consumption is 30 percent less than Massey Ferguson 240

New Fiat NH 640 Tractor Features:

New Fiat 640 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Its engine has 6 cylinders

Power Steering

Disk brakes

More powerful than Fiat 480

Now let’s discuss the new Fiat tractor price in Pakistan 2023.

Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan Today

Fiat 480 55 HP tractor new price in Pakistan today is 1,799,000 rupees. This tractor is more suitable for average farmers in Pakistan. New Holland has recently raised the prices of all its tractor models.

Fiat Tractor 640 Price in Pakistan 2023

NH Fiat 640 tractor is offered in 4 different models in Pakistan.

Fiat 640 Standard: Fiat 640 Ghazi 75 HP price in Pakistan starts from PKR 2,746,000.

NH Fiat Ghazi 65 HP new price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 2,185,000

Dabung: Fiat Dabung Model today price is PKR 2,825,000.

640 S Model: PKR 19,85,600 (This model was discontinued recently)

NH 40-56 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) : PKR 3,778,000

Al Ghazi Fiat Tractor Specifications and Features:

Feature Specification
Engine Power 55 Horse Power (2WD) at Fly Wheel
Operating Weight 1710 KG
Engine New Holland 8035.06 4-Stroke, direct injection diesel engine
Number of cylinders: 3
Bore and stroke: 100 x 115 mm
Piston Displacement: 2,710 cc
Compression ratio: 17:1
Max. Torque at 1,500 rpm: 22.7 kgm
Dry-type cylinder liners
Water-cooled, Four-row brass tube & copper fin radiator
Forced-feed lubrication system
Distributor-type fuel injection pump with mechanical speed
Vertical exhaust muffler
Filters Air: Oil bath with pre-cleaner
Fuel: 2 replaceable cartridges
Oil: Easy-to-change, continuous flow cartridge
Clutch Dual plate, dry-type, with separate controls
Diameter of plates: 11 inch
Plate facing of asbestos compound
Tracks Front (8 positions):
1.320 – 1,420 – 1,520 – 1,620- 1,720 – 1,820 – 1,920 – 2,020 mm
Rear (8 positions):
1,200 – 1,300 – 1,400 – 1,500- 1,600 – 1,700 – 1,800 – 1,900 mm
Brakes Service dry band-type with mechanical control
Parking: with hand lever
Steering Manual, recirculating ball type, center relay lever,
joints lubricated for life
Capacity Fuel tank: 54 Itr
Engine oil: 8 Itr
Hydraulic Transmission: 18 Itr
Rear Axle: 2+2 Itr at both sides
Air Cleaner: 1 Itr
Tyres Front: 6.00-16 Inches
Rear: 12.4/11-28
Dimensions (With 6.00-16 and 12.4/11-28 tyres)
A: Wheelbase: 1,920 mm
B: Overall length: 2,960 mm
C: Height to top of hood: 1,390 mm
D: Height to the steering wheel: 1,490 mm
E: Front track (8 positions): from 1,320 to 2,020 mm
F: Rear track (8 positions): from 1,200 to 1,900 mm
G: Ground clearance under front axle: 480 mm
Transmission Gearbox with constant-mesh gears: 8 forward and
2 reverse speeds;
Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th speeds
Differential with pedal actuated lock and automatic

Comparison Massey Ferguson 240 vs Fiat 55 HP 480

The Al-Ghazi company is the registered dealer of New Holland Agriculture in Pakistan. Their Fiat 55 HP 480 tractor gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan thanks to its better performance and less diesel consumption than its competitor Massey Ferguson 240. The Fiat 480 tractor is also cheaper than its rival, the Millat Massey 240. The price difference between these two is 150,000 rupees.

Old Fiat Tractor For Sale:

The resale value of Al Ghazi Fiat tractors is very impressive in Pakistan. You can easily sell or purchase an old Fiat tractor on OLX and other online and offline marketplaces in Pakistan. Old Fiat tractor price starts from 6 lac rupees. Click here to buy old Fiat tractors.

What Is the Reason for the High Tractor Prices in Pakistan?

As everyone knows, Pakistan’s economic conditions are worsening, and the dollar rate is increasing day by day. All tractor companies in Pakistan import spare parts for their tractors from different countries. They have to pay in dollars because of the high dollar rate, which increases the cost of imported parts, leading to a definite rise in tractor prices.

When Millat Tractors raised the price of the Massey Ferguson 240 in Pakistan, Al Ghazi Fiat 480 also increased its price the next day. If one company raises its price, its competitors will also follow suit. This is happening now in Pakistan, but we hope everything will soon be fine, InshaAllah.

FAQ about Fiat Tractors

What is the fuel tank capacity of Fiat Tractors?

You can store up to 54 liters of diesel in a Fiat tractor’s tanky.

What is the engine oil capacity of the Fiat 480 Tractor?

Fiat 480 tractor engine oil capacity is 8 liters.

What is the front and back tyre size of the Fiat 480 tractor?

Front tyre size is: 6.00-16 Inches

The back tyre size is: 12.4/11-28

What is the engine size of the Fiat 480 tractor?

New Holland Al Ghazi company’s Fiat 480 tractor engine size is 2710cc.

What is the Warranty Period of Ghazi Fiat Tractors:

The Al Ghazi company offers a 14-month warranty on all models of Fiat tractors.


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