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Honda Airwave is a subcompact car produced by the Japanese automaker Honda from 2005 to 2010. It is a five-door station wagon version of the first generation City / Fit Aria and Fit/Jazz, which is a sedan and a hatchback respectively.

Airwave, an all-new 1.5-liter compact station wagon that boasts top-of-class*1 luggage capacity, the practical utility of versatile seating arrangements in a compact body, along with an extra-large glass “Sky Roof”*2 that conveys an exhilarating open-air feeling. The new Airwave will go on sale April 8, 2005, at Honda automobile dealers throughout Japan.


The Airwave was built on the Global Small Car platform; however, unlike the City and Fit, the Airwave was unique to the Japanese market. Honda announced the debut of the Airwave on April 7, 2005. Production ended in August 2010. Its successor, the Fit Shuttle, went on sale in June 2011.



The interior versatility of the Airwave was similar to its smaller sibling, the Fit. By moving the fuel tank underneath the front row of seats, space was freed up in the rear for a flexible seating system. Like the Fit, the Airwave had five different seating modes.

Utility Mode:


The 6:4 split rear seats are equipped with a dive-down mechanism that enables changeovers to a 1,810mm*4*10 flat, low-floor luggage compartment with one quick operation—no need to remove the headrests.

Long Mode:

In addition to Utility Mode, the front passenger seat fully reclines to create enough space for items as long as 2,700mm*10.

Tall Mode

The rear seat cushions tip up to create another cargo space 1,250mm*5 high—enough space to get changed in.

Refresh Mode

Removing the front headrests and fully reclining the seat backs creates enough room to stretch one’s legs out and relax. During breaks from driving, occupants can lie back in comfort and gaze at the scenery through the Sky Roof.

Exterior Design:

Created under a ‘smart, dynamic’ design concept, the Airwave’s exterior presents a carefree form for stylish urban cruising. The Sky Roof creates a continuous glass area from the windshield to the roof for a glassy effect that gives occupants a beautiful view of the sky above.

For the front view, the bumper flows smoothly into the sides of the vehicle to create a rounded look, while the bold, chrome-plated front grill adds a feeling of girth.


  • Production 2005-2010
  • Class Subcompact car
  • Body style 5-door wagon
  • Layout Front-engine,
  • Engine 1.5L L15A VTEC I4
  • Transmission CVT / CVT-7 5-speed automatic transmission

Price in Pakistan:

Rs. 1,770,000


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  1. Is manual transmission is also avalibale in Honda Airwave or not and where these cars will be availabe in Karachi

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