Honda CG-125 Vs Yamaha Ybr-125: Comparison of Two Popular 125cc Bikes of Pakistan

Honda CG-125 Vs Yamaha Ybr-125: Comparison of Two Most Popular 125cc Bikes in Pakistan

The actual Yamaha of Japan made its venture in to the motorcycle market of Pakistan and launched its first model of 125cc bike by the name “Ybr 125″. Yamaha has tried its level best to give a setback to the monopoly of Honda in the motorcycle industry. People have been comparing CG 125 with Ybr 125 since the launch of Yamaha. Lets’ make an unbiased detailed comparison of both these bikes that will help you in rating both these bikes in a better way.


Honda CG-125 Vs Yamaha Ybr-125


The Ybr-125 looks like a 150cc or 200cc bike. It has more dynamic looks and impression. If you just change the original tires with wider ones and get it slightly modified, it will look like a heavy bike. Whereas, the CG-125 does not give that impression of heavy bike even after loads of modification. To be fair, Honda CG125 is 39 years (1976-present) old design still kept in play so obviously, it struggles against the YBR-125.

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Its really hard to compare the performance of both these bikes. Both have good acceleration and top speed but if you compare the performance of Ybr-125 and CG-125 on High Octance, Ybr-125 takes the lead plus there’s a difference in technology in both as well.


Even a very short test ride of Ybr-125 was enough to convince me of its comfort. The comfortable seat and good quality shocks makes its ride more smooth than the CG-125.


The only disappointment in the Ybr-125 to some extent was its sound. Its dynamic look does not cater its sound from any aspect. On the other hand, CG-125 has a more lively and energetic sound even though it has aged now and the vibrations and loud exhaust is unable to match the speeds and we’ve met quite many people who moved in favor of Suzuki 150 and now, they’ll move to YBR-125.

Since Ybr-125 is a new addition to the market, therefore its spare parts are a expensive than that of CG-125. A guy told me that one LED bulb for the headlight of Ybr-125 costed him Rs 600. However, I checked the spare parts market in Lahore and found that the set of two pairs of indicators were priced around Rs 1300. One reason for high priced spare parts is that spare parts are not being imported in bulk. Once Yamaha starts importing spare parts in bulk, a significant cut down in price might be seen.

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Also, when the market finally accepts and embraces the YBR-125, private traders and dealership will stock them well and that in turn will affect the current high prices.

Fuel Economy:

Fuel economy of Ybr-125 is very impressive. Before its first tune up on 1000 km, it gave me 55 km/liter on hi-octane and 40 km/liter on supreme. After its first tune up it is giving me 48 km/liter on supreme and 60 km/liter on high octane. In short, CG-125 is not as fuel efficient as Ybr-125 and never has been.


Overall, CG-125 is more practical than Ybr-125. Typical Pakistani’s do comment on Ybr-125 like “Is pe aik biwi aur 3 bachay nahi beth saktay” (We cannot ride on it with a wife and 3 kids). And yes its true! Ybr-125 is not a family bike. The shape of seat does not make it comfortable for women to sit with both legs on one side. Moreover, you cannot ride with a kid on the fuel tank as well. Whereas, CG-125 is preferable for families. We do not recommend however putting a woman and three kids on any motorcycle since it is highly dangerous but we’re Pakistanis, we’ll try to do it regardless.

The impracticality stated here is because of the seat’s sloping position on the YBR-125 and 125’s flat seat.


Even though I do not believe in the Pakistani definition of resale value as Pakistani people want to use a bike/car for 5 years and then sell it on profit but if you consider a sane definition of resale value; I would say that currently, CG-125 has more resale value than Ybr-125 owing to fact that YBR has just arrived. The resale value of Ybr-125 will increase gradually as people who do not use bikes for inter city family travel will ultimately switch to Yamaha. Courtesy: PakWheels.Com

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13 Comments on “Honda CG-125 Vs Yamaha Ybr-125: Comparison of Two Popular 125cc Bikes of Pakistan”

  1. cg125 is a bull shit. i am using 2013 cg 125.old technology of 70’s. its first model was made by japan in1976….. now its the time to change.. so buy ybr 125 or suzuki gs 150. and enjoy ur journey.

  2. cg125 is a bull shit. i am using 2013 cg 125.old technology of 70’s. its first model was made by japan in1976….. now its the time to change.. so buy ybr 125 or suzuki gs 150. and enjoy ur journey. after spending one lac on cg 125 ,you have no comfort ,no fuel economy,no safety . just resale is there only. its totally a crap. so change ur minds now, and go forward with the world. thanks.

  3. Raja Saab….aap tu puray hi dhakan hain……CG 125 bull shit hai tu oper kion charhay…..aby salay….yrb naheen hoti tu abhee tak bul shit per hee charhay rahtay nah……dumb ass

  4. YBR125 is good choice with additional features alloy, disk brake, sports style, and self with SOHC Engine and BF carburetor. HONDA dulex tu sale hi band ho gai h after YBR launch. and cg b buht kam sale ho rhi h.. becaz lots of youngers shifting to YBR. i hope k YBR will get better and improve and hoping to have cool bikes from yamaha in 150cc and 100cc power.

  5. All old bikes were good but its time to new things. We have to approach new smart aero dynamic style, comfort, fuel efficient and reliability with power. CG125 is a good bike and it was matchless bike for the several years & on that times no any bike available in its class but, when we compare it with new Yamaha 125, we can’t see CG 125 parallel to Yamaha in all aspect (except loud sound which attract the youth). No doubt, pickup of CG 125 is outclass but its sound can help it more faster as compare to the Yamaha 125 that has low noise (I think it’s a psychological thinking that bike with loud sound is more faster) Example: “Suzuki 150 has a great pickup but hasn’t a loud sound so, many people can think that pickup of 150 is not good as compare to CG 125.”
    If we go 20-30 years back, Honda Benley, S-110, CB-100, CD 175, CD 200, Yamaha 200, Yamaha 100, Yamaha 80, Trimph Tiger & other bikes were very good in all aspects keeping in view of that era. It’s a success of CG-125 that still alive in new era but, after all new technology is superior then old technology. New Yamaha 125 is a great change in Pakistan and we need to introduce such bikes in low to high power. I love Honda bikes & Cars but its true that new Yamaha is some step ahead with CG-125 (un-biased compared).

  6. Ybr hai tou good ride but yamaha fake compny hai bcoz cd 70 yamaha ka ana band ho gaya hai kal ko yah bee band ho gaya tou

  7. A very good assessment by a writer really amazing and I agree with him in ybr sound disappointment but another thing is it’s shifting of gear its complicated one having one down and four upwards so if ybr improves its sound make shifting of gears simple and add another 25cc and make it 150cc I am sure no body can match this machine.

  8. Comment: Asadullah saab aap to aisay baat kar rahay hen k aap ko honda waalay koi commission detay hen k aap ne honda ko hi promote karna hae… agar ybr ya GS na b aatay to meri majburi thi cg 125 use karna. ku k meray pass or koi option nai tha…. sound or speed hi sab kuch nai hota. or b bohat kuch dekhna parta hae bike me… Apni soch ko badlen or ab chor dein CG 125 ki tareef karna.

  9. If you want to use one of the three bikes in daily life then I don’t think anything beats cg 125 … I bought Gs 150 and am selling it now it’s really good and luxurious but very expensive to maintain you can buy a car instead… cg 125 on the other hand is all performance no blind blind looks no shiny disc break or self start … but yes if you need to go far everyday the most reliable and performing bike would be 125 …. I would never buy a bike with high maintenance again … it’s a waste of money … and trust me you wouldn’t like the repair costs of Yamaha ybr either … both gs and ybr are high maintenance low performing bikes … I say low performing because all other colleagues of mine who can’t afford 150 are happier then I am cause they don’t even remember the name of their mechanic … and in my case all mechanics know me garage and auto part shops are like second home … gs needs special mechanics and special electricians … cg 125 u can get it repaired in no time from any where … I don’t like the shape of 125 but to be real CG 125 is the better smarter choice ….

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