Siwa Loader Rickshaw 150cc, 200cc Price in Pakistan 2023

Siwa 200cc rickshaw price in Pakistan

Loader Rickshaw 2023 New Model Price in Pakistan announced. Siwa 200cc, Siwa 150cc, Siwa 250cc, and Siwa 300cc latest prices revealed after dollar rate fluctuation in Pakistan. Pakistani youngsters buy this cheap rickshaw because of its durability and best fuel average. Siwa cargo loader 200cc rickshaw is more suitable for cargo transportation in the city.

Siwa Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2023

Here is the Siwa  Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2022 with engine power in cc. Let’s have a look.

Siwa Rickshaw Models
Siwa Rickshaw 125CC
PKR 220,000
Siwa Rickshaw 150CC
PKR: 290,000
Siwa Rickshaw 200CC PKR: 375,000

As I earlier mentioned that SIWA loader rickshaws are more durable and fuel economical loaders in Pakistan. 200cc loader can load almost 800kg to 1000kg.  You have to change the engine oil of this loader every 10 to 15 days.

Here is another beautiful picture of Siwa cargo rickshaw


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Siwa 200cc loader fuel average

It can give a good fuel average of 15 to 18 kilometers per liter in the city.

Where to buy a Siwa loader rickshaw in Pakistan?

Shop Adress: Hanif Autos, Shop No. 107, Luton road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0342-1212412

Google map address: Hanif Autos

Siwa Loader Rickshaw 150cc Specifications:

Engine Type 4-Stroke OHV Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Engine Power 150cc
Compression 9.1:1
Front Brake Drum Mechanical
Rear Brake Drum Mechanical
Transmission 5-Speed
Starting System Arm Assy Kick/Self Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 Litre tank
Tyre Front 5.00/12
Tyre Rear 5.00/12
Battery 12 Volt
Engine Oil 1.25 Liter
Loading Capacity 40 Maund
Power Gear To push up to 50 to 60 maund you can use the power gear

Siwa Loader Rickshaw 200cc Specifications:

Engine Type 4-Stroke Water Cooled
Engine Power 200cc
Front Brake Drum Mechanical
Rear Brake Disk Brake
Transmission 4-Speed
Starting System Arm Assy Kick/Self Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 Liter tank
Front Suspension Shock Absorber
Front Suspension Leaf Spring
Battery 12 Volt
Engine Oil 1.25 Liter

Siwa 200cc Loader Rickshaw 2023 Model Video Review

Some More Facts and FAQ about Loader Rickshaw

What is the Average Price of loader rickshaws in Pakistan?

You can bye any type of cargo loader between 2 lack to 4 lakh.

What is the average cargo load capacity of a loader?

a minimal engine power loader can load 10 man (40kg in each man) or 400kg weight easily, and a 200cc can load almost 1000kg.

Is loader cargo rickshaw can provide good mileage in a liter?

Yes, 150cc rickshaw can give a handsome amount of fuel average that varies from 15 to 18 kilometers per liter.

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