Yamaha Junoon 2013 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha Junoon 2013

2013 Yamaha Junoon YD100 is a kick start, sophisticated and stylish motorcycle in produced in Pakistan by Yahama Motorcycle Company. Yamaha Junoon 2013 gives smooth and comfort ride at high speeds. Yahama Junoon 2013 engine type is 4-Stroke, air cooled, SOHC. (Yamaha YB100cc 2013 Price in Pakistan)


  • 4-stroke Single Cylinder
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 11L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Reserve Capacity is 1.5L
  • Stylish Speedometer
  • Beautiful Front Light
  • Comfortable Seat

Price in Pakistan:

80,000 Rupees


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14 Comments on “Yamaha Junoon 2013 Price in Pakistan”

    1. excellant bike….. fuel average in between 65 to 68 km/liter ( if driven between 50 to 60 Km/h speed….excellant performance

  1. You should go for HONDA PRIDOR……Coz it is a very smoothly driven bike with over 55 km/l average of petrol…..!!!!

  2. aoa all dears.
    can someone tell me if i wana modify my uamaha junoon then i wana give it a fat tyre like there r for 125
    and also alloy rims or wheel covers
    and also the windscreen like its of pridor or delux 125 so i can or not?are they availeable?

  3. Dear All,
    Do not ever ever ever buy Junoon 100 cc; its simply pain in the neck. Previous models upto 2008 were very good but the current ones are a nightmare.

    First you will get problem of fuel leakage from tank, then it will be indicator or head light lamp switches, followed by fuel filter assembly leakage, then it will be electrical rectifier/cdi problem, then clutch plate replacement. Not to mention the engine vibration, poor shock absorbers, ignition on second kick only, frequent misalignment of rear wheel etc.

    Those of you like myself have bought it have no other option but to suffer as its resale value is pathetic.

    1. Dear Sarwar, thank u v much for a detailed experience description I was about to buy one but I think now I must go for HONDA CD-70 (2014). Yet need suggestions regards.

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