HONDA 125 2023 PRICE in Pakistan Today [June 2023]

As of today, the HONDA 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 is PKR 229,900, while the self-start model of the Honda 125 bike is priced at Rs. 275,900. Refer to the following table for the updated price list of the 125 Honda in 2023.


HONDA 125 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

The Updated Price of the Honda CG 125 for the month of April 2023.

New Model 2023 Price
Honda 125 Kick Start Rs 229,900
Honda CG 125 Self Start Rs. 275,900

HONDA 125 Price in Pakistan in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

The continuous devaluation of the Pakistani rupee since 2018 has led to an alarming increase in the price of the Honda 125 in Pakistan. This is a popular motorcycle among common people. As a result, it is now becoming increasingly difficult for many people to afford this bike. The following is a list of the Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan over the last five years. This serves as an example of how the rupee devaluation is creating problems.

Date Price (PKR)
October 2022 185,900
July 2021  139,500
August 2020 129,900
August 2019  123,500
September 2018  114,500

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Honda CG 125 Colors:

In Pakistan, Atlas Honda provides two color options for the New Honda 125 which are red and black. The Honda 125 Black price in Pakistan is also searched by people in Pakistan. Please note that the price of a red 125 and a black Honda 125 in Pakistan is the same. The color of these two models does not affect their price.


Honda 125 Self Start:

The Atlas Honda 125 self start 2023 comes with several additional features compared to the standard Honda CG 125 model. These features include a self-start system, which allows for easy starting of the engine, and a comfortable seat for a more relaxed riding experience. The Honda 125 self start bike also comes with a fuel-efficient 5-speed transmission system and a matte-finished fuel tank.

Honda 125 Self Start SE Model in Matte Black Color. Picture 2023
Honda 125 Self Start SE Model in Matte Black Color. Picture 2023

Honda 125 Fuel Average:

Honda 125 bike petrol average is about 42 km/L to 45 km/L. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda 125 is 9.2 liters and the reserve fuel tank capacity is 2 liters.

Honda CG 125 vs Yamaha YBR 125:

The Honda CG 125 2023 Model bike is better than the Yamaha YBR 125 2023 in many ways. It is 26,500 cheaper, more spacious, and weighs less than the Yamaha YBR 125, which ensures amazing performance. Moreover, the spare parts of the CG 125 are very affordable compared to its Yamaha competitor.

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The bike has the following common features:

  • Honda 125 top speed is 100km/h
  • 4 Stroke and Euro II 125cc engine
  • Available in kick and self-start option
  • Dry weight 100kg
  • Easily available spare parts
  • Very good resale value

Honda 125 Resale In Pakistan:

The Honda 125 has a very high resale value on the Pakistani bike market because it is the cheapest bike in the 125cc category by Atlas Honda. It also has low maintenance costs and easy access to spare parts. As a result, you can resell it for a reasonable price.

Youtube Review of Honda 125 2023 Model

Honda 125 Spare Parts Price in Pakistan:

Atlas Honda sells spare parts online for 125 bike. Here is the price list of these spare parts on their website and facebook page:

Item Price (February 2023)
Air Filter Rs 170
Plug Rs 300
Engine Oil Rs 820
Headlight Rs 1070
Chain Sprocket Kit Rs 3050
Brake Shoe Front Rs 790


The Honda 125 is the most popular bike in Pakistan with a 125cc engine. Its popularity is primarily due to its speed, low maintenance costs, easy availability of spare parts, and the sound of its engine. Honda 125cc motorcycles are popular among youngsters in Pakistan. Here is a list of its technical specifications.

Technical Specifications Details
Engine 4-Stroke OHV Air Cooled
Bore & Stroke 56.5 x 49.5 mm
Starting Kick Start
Final Drive Roller Chain
Transmission 4 Speed Constant Mesh
Dimension(LxWxH) 1912 x 735 x 1026 mm
Seat Height 764 mm
Ground Clearance 132 mm
Petrol Capacity 9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters)
Wheel Base 1204 mm
Tire at Front 2.50 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire at Back 3.00 – 17 (6 PR)
Suspension Front Telescopic Fork 103 mm Travel
Suspension Back Swing Arm 68 mm Travel
Dry Weight 100kg – 108kg in self start model


Despite being in production for several years, Honda 125 enthusiasts are still limited to the same specifications and features, with only two color options black and red. The 2023 model still features an old-fashioned hard seat, an analog speedometer, no alloy wheels, and an old exhaust design. Furthermore, the bike vibrates considerably when reaching a top speed of 60km/h. The Honda 125 SE (Limited Edition) offers some new features such as a stylish matte-finished fuel tank and a sturdy body.

Lastly, the price of the Honda 125 in Pakistan 2023 has increased for the third time in the last 45 days. We hope that Atlas Honda Company will introduce a fresh and modern design for this bike in the future.


What is the price of Honda 125 2023 in Pakistan?

The Updated price of Honda CG 125 2023 in Pakistan is PKR 214,900/

What is the fuel average of Honda 125?

According to customer reviews, the Honda 125 has up to 40-45 km per liter on average.

What is the top speed of the Honda 125 Bike?

The top speed of the Honda 125 bike is 120 Km/h.

What’s changed in the Honda 125 new model 2023?

Since the brand-new model was announced, everyone is asking the same question: what’s new in the Honda 125 2023 model? Well, to be honest, there are no significant changes in the updated model of the Honda 125. It’s almost the same as the 2022 model.

However as per tradition, the Honda 125 has made a notable change to its stickers and comes with a revised design, or you can say ‘NAWEE PATTI’. Atlas Honda is not bringing anything new to the market. Also, the Honda 125 SE model has been renamed “Honda 125 Self”. Apart from that, everything is the same as compared to the 125 Honda 2022 model.

What is the Honda 125 oil change limit?

Atlas Honda company recommends that you should change your engine oil after 1000km.

What is the price of honda 125 engine oil?

One liter of engine oil price of Honda 125 is Rs 820.

Which engine oil is best for a 125cc bike?

Caltex Havoline is the best engine oil for 125 Honda bikes. The oil grade recommended by Atlas is SAE-10W-30.

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