Custom Duties Calculator on Japanese Used Imported Cars in Pakistan


Used Imported Cars in Pakistan Custom Duties Calculator – Pakistan is the least evolved country when it comes to the manufacturing of cars, bikes and other vehicles. Most of the automobile that our public wants to buy are either not manufactured here or our industry does not have the raw material or engineers to manufacture it.

Moreover, in order to import a car from Japan, the public have to pay a large amount of custom duties to have their desired automobile in Pakistan. The ironic part is that most often the imported cars or bikes are cheaper than the locally manufactured ones even after paying the custom duty. These Japanese imported cars are also more reliable than the local one as they provide a good driving experience and have higher quality.

Custom Duties

Before buying an imported car following are the things you should keep in mind regarding the custom duty.

>>> You should know the custom duty on the cars or your required vehicles before ordering them according to their engine capacity or you can find several custom duties calculators online that will help you to calculate the custom duty of your specific automobile.

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>>> In case you want to finalize your order, you have to pay an advance of 10,000 Rs and the rest of the money is paid after the automobile is delivered at the port. This is how custom is cleared.

>>> Mostly cars are imported from Japan and UK thus, both have a difference in the custom duties for their vehicles.

Custom Duties on Cars

Following are the custom duties on cars according to their engine capacity

>>> For a car with an engine capacity up to 800cc and 50% existing duty, it will cost you about  $ 4400 to $ 6600.

>>> With 801cc to a 1000cc car with the 55% existing duty, it will cost you $ 5500.

>>> You will be charged $ 11000 to $ 15400 for a car with engine capacity of 1001cc to 1500cc with an existing duty of 60%.

>>> For 1501cc to 1800cc cars with an existing duty of 75%, you will be cost $ 18700 to US$ 23100.

Estimated Custom Duties on Non Hybrid Cars


Hybrid Cars




Custom Duties on Bikes

Following are the custom duties you will have to pay if you want to import a bike from other countries to Pakistan.

  • For 250cc to 500cc, the custom duty is $ 14.64 per cc.
  • For 501cc-650cc, the custom duty is $ 13.26 per cc.
  • For 651cc to 900cc, custom duty is $ 11.47 per cc.
  • For 901cc to 1000cc, custom duty is $ 11.35 per cc.
  • For above 1000cc custom duty is $ 9.53 per cc.

How it Helps Society

It helps both the upper and lower class families to upgrade their automobile by lowering the car prices. It also leads to the manufacturing of new vehicles by improving the automobile industry and hiring new talent of automobile manufacturers in the industry.

It can also help the government to improve the economy of Pakistan for a long time efficiently. Thus, custom duty and auto policy are important for a country. You can comment below if you need further information.


  1. I would like to import brand new 2000cc Hybrid car from Japan, kindly tell me total expenses here in karachi.

    • I am the commissioner of Pakistan Customs, and on behalf of my esteemed organisation i would like to comment as follows,

  2. would you Please guide me about gift policy of cars?, and its benefits?
    i want to import a car from UK through my brother who is the resident of there.
    gifted car is duty free?

  3. Hi..
    I want to send 2005 Chevrolet Caprice 1600cc to Pakistan
    can any body tell me how much Custom will be charges
    any restriction for 2005 model cars sending in Pakistan…
    Thanks in Advance…
    Asad Ali

  4. Hi..
    i want to buy toyota Haice 2003 model kindly tell me how much will be pay custom 2000cc from japan to in pakistan so please send me the details thank you very much

  5. I want to import Toyota Corolla Sedan , Year = 2013 , Transmission = Automatic , Fuel Type = NON-hybrid / Normal car from Australia Sydney, How much duty and taxes will I have to pay up to the landed , Could you please give me the breakup in details about all taxes in to Pakistan??

  6. Hello ther I want to import Latest Model Of BMW series And HONDA NSX 2017 Model. Urgent. I want to gift this to My Cuzon on his birthday. But The Prices are too High. So I am thinking to give him Honda CD 70. on Installment Just Because of The CUSTOM charges, Seriously I can’t even Imagine the prices to HIGH.

  7. Ishaq Daar annouced that Hybrid Cars under 1300cc are duty free. Is this still valid? can you please update the import duty prices for hybrid cars under 1300 cc?

  8. sir i want to import suzuki swift 2015 japnese. sir let me know how to do and what are the requisites of importing car from japan?

  9. AoA
    I am looking for importing used Audi A3 1500 cc and Honda Vezel 1490 cc cars from Japan. Can i be guided as to how much taxes will i have to pay to the Govt of Pakistan to legally import these vehicles. My email address is [email protected]

  10. i want to buy a vitz car in japan and want to asked some information about ii……,,,,so send me your contact nmber


  12. Want to import 2005 model vitz from holland engine capacity is 1300 cc. Can u tell me all the import related charges and ahipment charges as well.


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