Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2013, Specs, Features


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Honda has always been among the leading and best-selling motorcycle brands in Pakistan. Its CG models especially the Honda CG 125 is well regarded for its performance, speed and economy. It was first introduced in the Japanese markets in early 1976 and hit the Pakistani market in 80s.


So far as the outlook and design are concerned, it is slightly different from the previous versions. The comfortable seat is also provided with back grip and makes long drives very pleasant without a feeling of tiredness.

The stylish speedometer also contains an economy zone that gives you updates concerning how much you have travelled for each liter of petrol. The shape and appearance of both the front and back lights has been enhanced imparting them extra elegance.


The 125 cc 4-stroke engine generates 11-Horse Power with low fuel consumption. It is ideal for high speed, long runs and rough pathways. Honda CG125 has a CDI Ignition System and a 12-volt battery (instead of 6-volt). The headlight and indicators are brighter, with an easy starting-up of the engine.


  • 125cc Engine Displacement
  • 135 km/per Hour Top Speed
  • 45+ km/per Ltr on Long Route Fuel Average
  • 9.2L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Fuel Reserve Capacity is 1.5L
  • Available in Red and Black Color
  • 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 12-Volt Battery (Instead of 6-Volt)
  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip


Comparing Honda 125 Euro 2 with its competitors like Metro MR-125 and United US 125 Euro II, only CG125 has a continuous 4 speed mesh, whereas both the other motorbikes have four speed constant mesh transmission. In short, no motorcycle in 125cc segment has been able to beat this road runner.


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13 Comments on “Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2013, Specs, Features”

  1. Interesting and very practical design. Deep mudguards, shrouded fork legs, fully enclosed chain; in short, just the way they used to make them in Japan.

    Not sure why they should make an issue of being Euro 2 compliant. The EU abandoned Euro 2 several years ago and is currently at Euro 3 standards. This makes it very difficult for manufacturers to use air cooled engines as they have to pass quite strict noise regulations (a problem with pedestrians as I can testify – they simply don’t hear you coming!

  2. the Honda deluxe is the best bike I have ever ride.i bought it 1 year ago for 1,1160 lakh. I recommend Honda deluxe to all of you

    amir khan

  3. umair is ryt 125 issss more powerful and enjoyed frm deluxe i had 125 deluxe 2012 but now sale and going to buy simple

    1. kashan shah 13 model hunda 93 ka ho gya tha or ab 85000 ka ho chuka hai q k jo new 14 15 model ha us ma har chez eNd ha . 13 model phli br eruo 2 me convert hua ha is lyE new chez us tara se bi bna skte . now 14 model hunda deluxe ko b cross krta ha

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