Honda Insight Hybrid Car Price in Pakistan

Honda_insight in Pakistan

The News reveals that Honda Atlas is  working on bringing a Hybrid Cars in Pakistan.

Honda Insight is a family, practical oriented car made to compete with Toyota Prius. They even look somehow similar. It only has a 1,300 cc petrol engine coupled with a hybrid motor.

Honda Insight

Officials of Indus Motor Company and Honda Atlas confirmed The News their plans to unveil new hybrid cars. They, however, did not disclose the exact date of launch.

In the budget 2013-14, the government announced zero percent sales tax on hybrid cars up to 1,200cc, 50 percent off in duty on hybrid cars between 1,201cc and 1,800cc, and 25 percent duty concession on hybrid cars with horsepower between 1,801 and 2,500cc.

Around 90 used hybrid vehicles were imported in July and 218 in August 2013. Last fiscal 2012-13, around 2,800 used Toyota Prius arrived in the country. The official said that the government should take assemblers on board to finalise a policy regarding hybrid vehicles to provide benefits to end users.


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