Hyundai Shehzore 2017 Price in Pakistan, Features, Review, Mileage

Hyundai Shehzore H100

Looking for a pickup vehicle? Hyundai Shehzore is the answer if you need an affordable and compact commercial vehicle. This is one of the best pickup Dala available in the Pakistani auto market. In other parts of the world, Shehzore called as Hyundai Porter. This vehicle will fit your tight budget and also will serve the purpose perfectly. The price of Hyundai Shehzore H 100 is 9 lacs to 15 lacs in PKR. The price is of course one major reason that Hyundai Shehzore is famous in the market.

Hyundai promises quality with quantity, by quantity they mean the quantity of features. The style and features of this vehicle are a perfect combination. To know more you have to go through the whole article.


Shehzore is equipped with 2600CC engine. The engine had 4 cylinders in-line, this makes the vehicle fuel friendly and gives good mileage.


Hyundai Shehzore 2004 model is able to get an average of up to 8 KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 470KM from the pickup trucks 60-liter fuel tank.

Hyundai Shehzore 2017 Price in Pakistan

Safety Features:

Hyundai has always served the world with vehicles having outstanding safety features and road clearance. To ensure the safety of the passengers the front brakes have ventilated discs and the rare ones have duo servo drum which surely enhances its safety. The steering wheel has a minimum turn radius of 4.7 m that makes the vehicle best of tight roads of Pakistan.


The exterior of the vehicle is pretty simple. The exterior is designed in a way to give the vehicle a solid look. It is equipped with simple front lamps and back lights. There is only one cut on the whole body of the vehicle.


The interior of this vehicle is more than the interior of a pickup vehicle. The vehicle has the capacity of two passenger, is equipped with AM/FM radio also with A/C which works perfectly well in the heat of Pakistan as well. The front two seats are covered in fabric. Moreover there are 5 speakers including a tweeter. The dashboard is actually stylish with a tachometer and low fuel light as well.


Hyundai Shehzore H-100 Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel System: EFI
  • 5 Speed Manual Gear Transmission
  • Cylinder Configuration: In-line
  • No. of cylinders: 4
  • Engine Displacement: 2600CC
  • Wheel size: 15 inch
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 60L
  • Breaks: Front disc, Back drums

Salient Features:

  1. 2 doors
  2. Tubeless Tyres
  3. Front/Rear mirrors
  4. Fog lights
  5. AM/FM Radio
  6. Dimensions: 4750 mm x 1690 mm


The big competitor of the 2004 Hyundai Shehzore Dala are the Suzuki Ravi Pickup.

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Hyundai Shehzore Price in Pakistan

Its price range is PKR 900,000 to PKR 1,500,000 lacs, depends on model and side walls.


For your small business that might involve pickup of heavy stuff this is the best vehicle in the market. It has everything that you need. The torque, power and other luxury features will make your employees perform well. It’s a 10 on 10 choice also because of the economical fuel consumption.

Final Thoughts:

Hyundai Shehzore Dala is the best and cheap commercial vehicle available in Pakistan. Dewan motor company starts its production in the year 2004. Company produced almost 12 models of this pickup and that are 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and the year 2015. It will be a best commercial pickup for your medium size business.



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