Used Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan

All New Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan and Review has been released. The latest model 2016 Honda Civic in a new shape and look. New model images HD pictures with specifications released by the company.

Used Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan

Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan

Each model in the Civic range in 2015-16 will be equipped with a series DELL exclusive braking system active in the city (City-Active Brake, CTBA). Designed specifically to avoid or reduce rear-end collisions at little speeds, the system uses radar expertise to display the road ahead by braking automatically in the event of a possible crash.

Honda Civic 2016-17 is the greatest desired luxury sedan car in Pakistan. Most elite and modern pioneers like to have this splendid car. It has leather attractive seats.

Car Model Ex-Factory Price
Honda Civic VTi 1.8 i-VTEC PKR 2,021,000
Honda Civic VTi 1.8 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 2,142,000
Honda Civic VTi 1.8 i-VTEC Oriel PKR 2,253,000
Honda Civic VTi 1.8 i-VTEC Oriel Prosmatec PKR 2,374,000

Used Honda Civic 2016 Price in Pakistan

If you are searching for a used Honda Civic in Pakistan, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several options available for purchasing a 2016 model in the country, with prices for used Civics starting at around 30 lac rupees. This can be a more affordable option when compared to buying a brand new one, which is priced at approximately 70 lac rupees in Pakistan. Click here for the used civic model in Pakistan.

New Model Honda Civic 2016 Review

The new Honda Civic 2016 comes to market with a unique shape and design with more attractive lines for the exterior and interior, more technological, technology does not stop in the cockpit, and the safety board can count on automatic braking at low speed available as standard throughout the range.

Honda designers have paid great attention to the comfort on board. They have greatly improved the efficiency of aerodynamics and vehicle weight to boost fuel efficiency, going down by a good 20% compared to the engines of the older generation.

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Civic Interior

LITTLE CHANGE IN – Unchanged instead the original setting of the car that earns Honda civic 2015-16 new finishes for seats, door panels, and instrumentation but also the HONDA Connect multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen.


The system has a digital radio (DAB), Bluetooth connectivity, navigation INTERNET, rear parking camera, and, on request, satellite navigation. These design improvements are perfectly combined with the exceptional interior space for which the range is unknown.


Honda Civic Exterior

Both the Civic 2016 will be characterized with regard to the exterior design of a completely new front, which will give the cars an attractive look with headlights with integrated daytime running lights and a stylish new front bumper. The Civic sedan will also have a new rear bumper, a new design of the side panel, a rear spoiler with a black finish, and LED taillights.


Civic 2016 Model in Pakistan:

In perfect harmony with the outstanding improvements to the exterior, the Civic series 2015 will be characterized by the interior greatly improved with the introduction of new seat fabric and stitching on the headrests, new inserts on the doors with chrome handles, and a dashboard finished in metallic black.


New Salient Features

Aboard the Civic series, 2015-16 will be also introduced the all-new audio system and information Honda Connect. Honda Connect offers great utility and road connectivity with the following features: AM / FM, DAB digital radio, Bluetooth connectivity, ability to surf the Internet, satellite navigation * (optional), and rear camera parking aid.


The Pakistani Honda Civic 20116 range has been expanded with the introduction of a new version. Based on the concept of the sedan and powered by a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 120 horsepower or a 1.8-liter petrol engine with 142 horsepower, the car has a rear spoiler and colored 17-inch alloy wheels fitted only on the sports version.

2016 Honda Civic New Latest Model Pictures with Color Range


In addition, the Civic Sport draws an exceptional design of the already announced Honda civic with a new front bumper featuring a lower grille, and a black coating of the roof all internal DELL interior.

2016 Honda Civic Youtube Review


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  3. I have the detail of launching date in Pak n tentative price of both model of new civic 2k16 plzz visit honda site for details or contact in working days from 9 to 3pm here 03433623534

  4. I have already Honda civic 2014 . So any one who like to buy my car that I purchase new car. My car is in black colour and in very good condition.
    If any dealer want to change it with new car after metual deal.

  5. Nice car good looking.The new Honda Civic Sedan is absolutely amazing . The new features are amazing.As every one knows in Pakistan the middle range of cars are the Toyota and Honda there all new models are really amazing but the new Honda civic is outstanding the pass one was not enough Atractive but this model is like Oady and the other expensive cars once i will gave honda civic Sedan 100% percent marks because they have intoduce the amazing car at best Price absolutely amazing .

  6. I want to give some comments on Honda Civic – 2016 Model
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    B) Company increasing its price sharply but its quality & attraction for people is very poor, why?
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    E) Kindly think positively about my comments

  7. it seems Honda has decide to divorce decency; plz dont call it a bold move, its an illogical step, getting urself out of the ambit of sophistication & modesty. Despite mechanical edge, ur aesthetics have given up. tnx.

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  10. I was invited by the Honda car dealership to test drive this 2016 Civic. This car drives nice no doubt and the car interior is well put. Car looks very aggressive from the front but car rear end is very ugly specially tail lights. Though its a very good car overall but I will not buy it because of its ugly rear end. Salman. Kitchener. Ontario. Canada.

  11. I was invited by Honda car dealership to test drive this Civic. The car drives very good no doubt and the interior is very well put. The car front got an aggressive look but the rear end including the tail lights are very ugly. For all good reasons one should buy this car but consider not buying it because of its ugly rear end. Salman. Canada.

  12. I have already Honda civic 2014 . So any one who like to buy my car that I purchase new car. My car is in black colour and in very good condition.
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