Road Prince Bike 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 Model & Fuel Average

Article Summary: In this blog, we’ll discuss the Road Prince 70 Price in Pakistan 2023. We’ll also discuss the fuel average of the Road Prince 70cc bike in one liter of petrol, features, specifications, and pictures of the 2023 model. So stay tuned and keep reading for complete details.

2023 Model Road Prince 70 Price in Pakistan
2023 Model Road Prince Classic 70 with Round Headlights

Road Prince 70 2023 Price in Pakistan Today:

The Road Prince company offers 3 different models of this bike at slightly different prices. The details are listed below.

Today Updated Prices: 5 February 2023

Model Name Price
Classic RP 70cc ₨. 87,500.00 /=
Passion 70cc ₨. 81,500.00 /=
Passion Plus 70cc ₨. 91,500.00 /=

The Road Prince Classic RP 70cc bike comes with round headlights, making it more stylish than the Passion and Passion Plus models. One of the biggest selling points of the Road Prince 70 is its affordable price even in 2023. This makes it accessible to a wide range of customers. With its competitive price, it becomes the real value-for-money bike in Pakistan. If you want to purchase this bike then be quick because companies increasing prices day by day.

Road Prince 70cc Bike Fuel Average:

This bike is powered by a 70cc engine, which means it’s a fuel-efficient motorcycle. Road Prince’s bike fuel average is around 62km/L according to Road Prince’s official website. This means that you can save money on fuel costs while still enjoying a smooth and reliable ride.

Top Speed:

The top speed of Road prince 70 is around 80km/h according to companies official testing.

Installment Plan:

The Road Prince company did not introduce an installment plan for the Road Prince 70 bike. We will update this page when the company starts the plan.


Are you in the market for a reliable and affordable motorcycle in Pakistan? Look no further than the Road Prince 70 bike.  The Road Prince 70 offer riders a great combination of simplicity, performance, and affordability. Whether you are commuting to work or just cruising around town, this bike is sure to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride. After Honda CD 70, Road Prince 70 is Pakistan’s second choice in the 70cc motorcycle category.

Bike Design: The Road Prince 70 has a sleek and simple look. There are 2 colors available for the bike: black and red. Moreover, the seat on this bike is comfortable and spacious, making it a great option for riders of all sizes.

Engine: Performance-wise, the Road Prince 70 offers smooth and steady riding with its 78cc engine. Road Prince 70 has a fuel capacity of 11 liters.

Note: The actual engine displacement (size) of these models is 78 cc, not 70. So you can expect a little more power than its competitor Honda 70 bike.


  • Stylish speedometer design
  • Sharp headlights
  • Aerodynamic fuel tank
  • Smooth suspension



Road Prince 70 Specifications:

Besides its affordable price point, the Road Prince 70 has low maintenance costs. Although it is priced at the lower end of the market, the Road Prince 70cc does not sacrifice quality. Besides being equipped with a durable engine, it also offers reliable brakes and comfortable seating.

Specification Details
Overall Length 1930mm
Overall Width 790mm
Overall Height 1190mm
Wheel Base 1235mm
Fuel Consumption 65 km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 11 Liters
Lubricating Oil Capacity 0.9 Liters
Battery 12 V, 3.5 Amp
Brake (Front/Rear) Drum Type
Transmission Four (Forward)
Dry Weight 82 Kg
Clutch Wet multiple
Starting Kick Start
Frame Backbone type
Max. Speed 80 Km/h
Drive System Chain
Stands Both stands
Head Light Round Beam 25/25
Tail Light Red Color 6 watt
Turn Signal Yellow 10 watts
Brake Light Red Color 21 watt
Side Reflector L/R 1196 mm2
Type of Engine 4 stroke
Engine Displacement 78cc

Road Prince Bike Youtube Review in Urdu:

For riders in Pakistan, the Road Prince 70 bike is a great choice. So, if you’re in the market for a new bike, be sure to consider the Road Prince 70. With its combination of affordability, reliability, and performance, it’s a choice you won’t regret.

FAQs About the Road Prince 70 Bike

What is the fuel average of the Road Prince 70 Bike?

It has decent mileage of approximately 62 km/l (according to the company’s official statement).

What is the top speed of the 70cc Road Prince Bike?

The top speed of this bike is around 80 km/h.

What is the price of the Road Prince Bike in Pakistan in 2023?

The price of the Road Prince 70 Bike in Pakistan in 2023 ranges from 87,000 to 91,000 PKR, depending on the model.

What are the key features of this 70cc Bike?

It features a 78cc engine, a top speed of 80 km/h, a comfortable seat, and a spacious fuel tank. Its spare parts are readily available.

What is the weight of this Bike?

The weight of this bike is around 82 kg.


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