2014 Hyundai i10 Price in Malaysia, Features, Specs & Images

Hyundai i10 Price in Malaysia, Features, Specifications & Images

Hyundai i10 is set to debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September and will go on sale at the end of this year. Hyundai has now revealed the first set of official pictures and details of its latest A-segment hatchback.

Hyundai i10

New clear headlights

The newly designed clear headlight clusters not only look good, they improve both your night vision and your on-road visibility, adding elegant extra safety.

Rear combination lamps Stylish, integrated rear light clusters ensure that you can be clearly seen.


Rear Roof Spoiler

The stylish rear spoiler is optionally available, it looks stylish and is integral to the aerodynamics of the i10.

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Trunk The low loading height makes it easy to load luggage, shopping or whatever you need into the luggage compartment of the i10. Naturally there is a removable parcel shelf, a hook for your shopping bag.

Hyundai i10 interior

Adjustable rear headrests

To increase rear passenger comfort and safety, the practical and comfortable rear headrests are available in helmet-style height adjustable format.

Adjustable steering wheel

Individually tailored driving comfort makes every journey special, to increase it a tilting steering wheel is available.

Hyundai i10 Dashboard


Convenient and efficient 4-speed automatic transmission fits the i10 exactly to your driving style. Both are available with the 1.1 and 1.25l engine. With 1.25l, simply by checking the trip odometer you’ll see immdiately how efficiently they minimize consumption while increasing the pleasure you get from driving your i10.

Stopping power

The Hyundai i10 features 13inch front disc and large 7inch rear drums. Together with the 4-channel ABS and standard brake booster and assistant systems, this means you’ll have reserves of braking power and non-skid security.

Reverse parking sensor While the i10 is probably the easiest car you will ever park, the reverse parking sensor is mounted in the rear bumper and sounds a warning against hazards you cannot easily see, making parking even simpler and safer.

Hyundai i10

Category Passenger Car
Model Name i10 Colourz
Body Type 5 Door
Seats 5 Seats

Price in Malaysia

MYR. 51,388.00

The Hyundai i10 used to be one of those cars that you bought simply because it was cheap. However, the latest version is far more complete. Bigger and better equipped than its predecessor, it also promises to be more enjoyable to drive.


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  1. hi.

    if i can ask what is the diff between inokom i10 and hyundai i10 since i can see in some websites the price is quiet diff for the same model?

    does kappa 1.25 have manual transmission?

    does kappa 1.25 have leather seat? what is the price for standard and high spec for this?


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