Top 5 Cars For Females in Pakistan with Prices, Features, Pics

Top 5 Cars For Females In Pakistan

Driving is a rough experience for many men and women in Pakistan due to the lack of traffic control, rules and highly dense traffic. Road conditions is Pakistan is also bad. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop Pakistanis from driving. Over the last two decades, the car sales have increased tremendously.

Top 5 Cars For Females in Pakistan with Prices

According to research it has been discovered that the ratio of women drivers in Pakistan has increased, however, it is not up to the same scale as male drivers but compared with a few years back it has increased. Here is a list of the top five cars for females in Pakistan, which are suitable for ladies in terms of handling and maintenance.

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is the Pakistan assembled car. Suzuki Mehran is very famous car is Pakistan and easy to handle for women as it is very fuel efficient and has a good level of comfort. The vehicle has long term reliability and its small size makes it perfect for women drivers. The value of this car doesn’t drop much when you sell it as it is a very common car and is always in demand. Suzuki Mehran is available in different colors it comes in Metallic Silver, Navy Blue and Crystal White. Women drivers who want an economical car prefer to buy Mehran as it is not expensive and can be easily maintained.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan and Features

Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira is a latest edition in the Pakistani car market, 660cc engine and Japanese imported car is highly in demand among female drivers because of the flexibility of this car. The car practically is economical and suits the budget of an average person. Daihatsu Mira is among the best selling cars due to its availability of mechanical parts and its resale value. The vehicle is small in size with easy to control functions.

Daihatsu Mira Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is the most famous car in Pakistan. Alto was manufactured in Pakistan by Suzuki until the production halted in 2012, which triggered a huge demand for Suzuki Alto Japanese version. The car is popular among females due to its class, economical fuel consumption and auto transmission with 660cc engine power. The car comes in different shades Blue Mica, Crystal White, Pearl White, Red and many others. The car has a beautiful interior. The main features of this car is power windows, front and back cup holders, power steering, speed manual transmission system and multi point fuel jab.

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan and Features

Toyota Vitz


Toyota Vitz is also among the most popular vehicles among ladies in Pakistan. This subcompact vehicle comes in three to five door options depending which one the user wants, but mostly women prefers the five doors Vitz. In other countries, this brand is also known by the names of Toyota Echo and Toyota Yaris. This car is suitable for families and girls because of its small size, flexibility and auto transmission power. It has an extremely aggressive exterior design as compared to its previous versions, but the interior has a very cute and user-friendly look.

Toyota Vitz Price in Pakistan and Features

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo is a small and beautiful car, but the interior is well designed as it has a remarkable amount of space. The design has thin door panels and dash-forward design which gives a feeling of spaciousness in this small compact car. Even the vehicle is small still the safety of the passengers have been considered and the car is facilitated with vehicle stability control and airbags. This car is best suitable for families and for working women as it is fuel efficient with 1000cc engine and less expensive than Toyota Vitz.

Toyota Passo Price in Pakistan

Conclusion: These are the best and beautiful cars for ladies of Pakistan. These are fuel saving, auto transmission, awesome exterior and easy to control features that make them cars for women.


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